it's all fake. all the joy, excitement, achievements, everything out there is so all superficial, so fake. and we're so well trained to fool ourselves for nothing serious, and we're so well adapted to taste shit and go yummy yummy, that we've absolutely no idea how the fucking rooms are numbered, and what's a life orgasm. and the worse part is the one thing which may not be that fake, which might be out there for real, is so far away, and so unreal, that makes it kinda surreal. it's a theater, except that it has rules. we have rules, and numbers. we're playing a part, we're not our own dramas, we're just playing a fucking part, and we're so fortunate that we've people, or things, to tickle us to laugh, to fake our joy. that's sick. that's funny. that's sad. that's life. that's us.

"losers turn away, don't turn away ..."

p.s. crap.