i am no fiction, this is no serenade

and then,
there is
a rush
the rush of dreams
not one
not many
a rush
of dreams
and not meanings

in hades,
or in limbo
long into the evening
maybe asleep
maybe at rise
and a mirage

and then,
there is
on cold white field
and two faces
one's gone
one's not there

and then there is
a sin
the original sin
that never happened
and a boy
who is saved
and a crash
and a glimpse of an eye
or two eyes
and the walls
painted in blur
or in pure
but the walls

and then,
there is the harbor
and the union
and the sea
-- the sea,
and the sea

and then
there is
six feet under
the rush of the dreams

-- 1.15.08, after the dream of two.