life's not odd. life's even.
and everything happens twice.
every story, whether a love story, a farewell, or a betrayal story, they all happen twice.
and when you think you know everything, and when you think you're past the moment, you're back in the first place. and you don't know a thing about anything.
you're not supposed to be.
and no one can break any mirrors.
and no one can escape
and no room is of an odd number of walls.
life's strange, and it's real.
more than it's ever been.
and it's happening
and again.
and every time, there's another time.
and it's real
and it's happening
and you may think you'll find another skin to wear
and you may not
and i do not
what it is
i've done wrong
full of holes
check the pulse
blink your eyes
one for yes
two for no ...