she was this wild type you know, had a lot of guys chasing her. she put him through hell. they'd go to bed and she'd be one person, and then they'd wake up and then she'd be someone totally new; a free radical, maybe ..

and then there was this movie, documentary on tv: animal planet. it shows that there is this type of bird; the male bird builds nest for female. such amazingly intricate structures. the female goes nest to nest, picking a nest .. the male tries desperately to attract female with architecture, with delicate structures, and all he has to offer in building these beautiful nests, to attract the female.

one day, they were watching this animal planet movie. she was so excited about those nests. she was splendid, happy, shiny. she turned and looked at him and told him, you have the best nests ever. and i love them. it's just that the nests look like a cage ... they both laughed. and that night, she left. forever.

and then, she fell in love with me. we lived together. for long time. for years and years. we were sweethearts, you know. until it happened.

what happened was when i came home from my trip, it was late. and i saw her. i *saw her*. i looked at her.
i really looked at her.
she was sleeping in front of the television.
for an hour, an hour and half, non stop, i sat there without taking my eyes off her.

do you know when was the last time you watched your sweetheart asleep for an hour straight? try once. you'd be surprised about what you'll discover. about her. about yourself.

i was looking at her. at every inch of her body. and i said to myself: who the hell is this woman. sleeping on the sofa in front of the tv. what do i know about her? what the hell does she know about me? what does she think she knows about me. what the hell am i doing living with her in the same house all these years?

and then, i left her.