this is my newest obsession. i just bought this poster, and quite frankly, it's the coolest piece of art (!!) i've seen for a long long time, if not ever. although it's probably only so exciting to radioheaded people.

the songs referenced in the poster (that we've spotted so far) are the followings:

1. Knives Out: Top left
2. Weird Fishes / Arpeggi: Forehead (fish to music scale... arpeggio)
3. Treefingers: Top right
4. Banana Co: Top head
5. Nude: Forehead left
6. Sulk: Forehead left (nude sulking girl)
7. House Of Cards: Forehead right
8. 2+2=5: On the cards
8. 2+2=5: On the dice
9. Bones: Brow
10. Pulk / Pull Revolving Doors: nose
11. Airbag: Left eye
12. Sail To The Moon: Right eye and cheek
13. Sit Down, Stand Up (Snakes & Ladders): Right eye and right temple
14. Pyramid Song: nose
15. Packt Like Sardines In A Crushed Tin Box: mouth
16. Wolf At the Door: Bottom left
17. Lucky: Dice, bottom right
18. Rabbit In Your Headlights: Bottom right
19. Videotape: Bottom right
20. Where Bluebirds Fly: Right side
21. Like Spinning Plates: Right side, below android
22. Paranoid Android: Right side
23. Stop Whispering: Right side
24. Black Star: Bottom left
25. Jigsaw Falling Into Place: Left side
26. Fake Plastic Trees: Chin
27. Down Is The New Up: Chin
28. Morning Bells: Nose
29. Dollars And Cents: Right eye (on moon 5 cent piece)
30. The Clock: Left eye
31. Vegetable: Left eye
32. Inside My Head: Whole picture
33. How to Disappear Completely: Whole picture
34. Fog: The allegator / lizzard
35. 15 Steps: The eye (comes to you just as soft as your pillow ...)
35. 15 Steps: The ladder (it has 15 steps)
36. Myxomatosis: The rabbit, running away from the wolf
37. Black Swan: Left temple
38. Reckoner: The pyramid standing on the ripples of a blank shore
39. Faust Arp: The feathers in the back of the massive weird fish on the head (you got a head full of feathers ...)
40. Go To Sleep: The sleeping, naked girl
41. Nice Dream: The sleeping, naked girl
42. Iron Lung: The lung behind the ladder
43. Climbing Up The Walls: The Skull (open up your skull, i'll be there, climbing up the walls ...)
44. Atoms for peace: The eyes and the worms (... with your flying saucer eyes ... the wriggling, squiggling worm inside, devours from the inside out ...)
45. Everything In Its Right Place: The whole picture, I guess!

You can order the print from here.