the ship has to set sail then, thru the grass.
these days, if it wasn't for andrew bird and daniel bejar of destroyer (or the new pornographers), would've been so vain, maybe as everyday
but now, i've got thousands of images
some blurred, some vivid, and some wet
and a lot to dream about while there's time passing by and i'm living life.
or are we?

and this is stupid and insane.

p.s. one day, i'm gonna read this, and i'll be the only person who'd know what this post meant. and that makes me unique. very unique. in a cute pathetic way

and this is stupid and insane.

p.s.s. drafted on 3/5/09
p.s.s.s. undrafted on 9/17/09

p.s.s.s.s. don't listen to this song if you don't have a surround audio system.