- have you ever tried killing yourself?

: no. you know .. i've had rough patches but i guess i've always been able to find pleasure in my life somehow.

- oh that’s lucky! umm .. i guess i'm just kind of a naturally depressive personality kind of a guy .. heh it's just that life's just been hard for a while. my son died in my arm. he was just 11 yrs old. you know .. marriages don't survive that kind of thing always. accidents happened, and i lost control. i reached a moment of clarity and i saw i had to face breaking of with a dream. the dream .. it was my life.

- i just felt this kind of a darkness building up inside me. the edges of it disappeared and it felt like it kinda swallowed me up. it wasn’t even painful anymore. everything was so hard. except jumping. Huh, jumping was easy. unbelievably easy and natural.

- i remember i didn't want anybody to see me go over the rail, like I didn't want to get into any trouble there! i know it's funny and stupid .. on the most cliche spot on the planet, on golden gate bridge, i stood up there, and just stepped. you know .. the way you step out of bed in the morning. i ... just .. stepped!

- that was the moment i thought to myself: no. not this. not now. go back. stop. stop. go back .. in that second or two, i knew o wanted to live. i’ve never been so sure about anything like that in my life.

: what do you want from me now?

- i don't know how i survived, but now i just want to look normal again. you know .. jumping gave me a second chance .. to live my life .. to follow my dreams. i wanna go back to school, maybe become a therapist, start dating again and maybe .. uh .. maybe have another kid .. you know ... all those hopes and dreams ...

: you must be in a lot of pain

- you know how they say when you die your life flashes before you? it's not true. you don’t see all the things you've done. you see all the things you are never gonna get a chance to do. all the opportunities you're gonna lose.

- i didn't jumped to my death, i jumped to my life. i just need you to help me live it