1. you can't always get what you want - rolling stones
2. mojo - peeping tom
3. rocket man - my morning jacket
4. l.a. woman - the doors - paul oakenfold remix
5. light of day - tommy stinson
6. pain and misery - josh blake & country gentlemen
7. peace of mind - mindy smith
8. lullaby - arco
9. if you see her, say hello - bob dylan
10. little round mirrors - harvey danger
11. don't let us get sick - madeleine martin
12. paranoid - gus black
13. sunny day in hell - argyle johansen
14. a girl like you - mexican institute of sound
15. between the lines (feat. bajka) - bonobo
16. mohammad's radio - warren zevon
17. surrender - madeleine martin
18. that kind of man - the heavy
19. bad place to earn a living - lodger
20. keep on - champion
21. reconsider me - reckless kelly & steve earle
22. only women bleed - madeleine martin
23. high flying bird - elton john
24. you can't always get what you want - tommy stinson & friends done to death
25. hank's theme - tree adams & tyler bates
26. californication main title - tree adams & tyler bates
27. if you see her, say hello - bob dylan
love is a gift. if you have it you know. do you love someone?
"The calm,
Cool face of the river
Asked me for a kiss"

"Suicide's Note" by Langston Hughes (1902-1967)

king of limbs is beautiful, thom yorke's voice is shockingly over the melodies (this started from in rainbows); but it's my least favorite radiohead album if not at a tie with pablo honey. it's too much of dance dance melodies for me.

p.s. i stand corrected -- codex and lotus flower upon a few more time listening are just of the best of radiohead.
red wine, and sleeping pills
alligators, mirrors, and walls
this has to end, this has got to stop
دلم میدان انقلاب تا میدان آزادی رو میخواهد و به طرز ترسناکی هم امیدوارم. میترسم ولی امید دارم. میدانم که دیگر امشب شبی نخواهد بود که زیر پرده ی تاریکش آرام و بی صدا بخوابم.

احساس میکنم فردا، 25 بهمن 1389 ، تاریخ است که نوشته و روایت میشود...
آره هیچ‌چیز ثابت نمیمونه
همه چیز حرکت میکنه ٬ همه چیز تغییر میکنه ٬ همه چی.

فقط این حرکت ٬ این تغییر ٬ همه‌ش تو یه دایره‌ست ... همه چیز میچرخه ٬ با شعاع‌های مختلف .. دور خودش.

we need to forget our-fucking-selves. nobody's going to do that for us.
what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger. And the stronger you become, the lonelier you live by.
There's a proportional relationship between how crazy a girl is and how slutty she is. She's been in therapy for years. You do the math. And you know else is really nuts? Therapists. Just sayin'